Saturday, June 26, 2010

Clos Mimi "Petite Rousse" Paso Robles Syrah `06 (not TJ's) $15.99(*)

Always a warning sign when a label tells a story (to me at least and this has a very elaborate story). This was originally bought for a birthday party, and there was almost a case left over (gee, I wonder why??). So, on a 90 degree Friday afternoon, we decided to make our first pitcher of Sangria for the season.

Let's start with my thoughts on the wine before it was diluted with fruit.  To me, it was dense and slightly sour.  I didn't have the vinturi to see if it would make it any better to decant it, but I do have another bottle, so I can update another time.

This is a smoky, fruity wine. It was still a bit heavy for the sangria.  We sliced peaches, apples, a lemon and oranges, added a bit of sugar and stirred. It still tasted heavy.  Then I threw in some ginger-ale.  WOW! It opened the sangria right up, we added some ice and had a fruity refreshing drink with a hint of spice. Not the best sangria in the world, but good enough for the afternoon.

UPDATE: November 2010

We found the second (and third bottles in the wine rack) and figured.. 'Why not"  Shudder.  Sour Raspberries.  ugh.  I dubbed this "The wine that never made it to the table".  But S had a good idea.  Maybe we should try mulling it.ummm.  NO.  It s a sour raspberry wine, and it really is terrible. This was a wine that never even made it to the table.

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