Saturday, May 15, 2010

Warwick Professor Black Sauvignon Blanc `09 $18.99 (not TJ's) ****

I just slapped myself in the forehead.  It is Saturday afternoon.  I have been working on rewrites for six hours and I decided to have a glass of wine.  I didn't check my database (yes, I have a database of my wines), I grabbed the Professor Black, unscrewed the top, poured a glass and popped the balance of the bottle in the fridge to have tomorrow.  This is not a wine to just unscrew and drink for the sake of drinking. (well, if you have disposable income, go for it - I don't)  OOPS.

2009 was a GREAT year for wine in South Africa.  This is a really good Sauvignon Blanc.  It has a strong taste of citrus, grapefruit to be exact.  Since I am a transplant recipient, I can't have grapefruit, so the taste is very exotic to me.  Tart, a bit sour with a long, lovely finish.  This wine deserves a good meal.  I did it a grave disservice by just opening it to have a drink on a Saturday afternoon. That being said, if a wine needs chilling, use frozen TJ's  strawberries instead of ice - it works.

A man from South Africa loved me once (1997 was a REALLY good Summer romance wise!).  He was an architect - I didn't reciprocate.  I have great pictures from afternoons in the park with him though, and great memories of museums and dinners on the patio. Is it wrong that I don't remember his name?

This is a really good wine.  Well done Stellenbosch, South Africa!

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