Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lost Angel Muscat Canelli Paso Robles `08 $5.99 ****

This is a VERY SWEET wine.  A dessert wine.  It tastes like sugared Honeydew Melon.  I liked it.  Because of the fruitiness, I would serve it with a salty prosciutto maybe?  The rule of thumb for dessert wines is that dessert wine should be sweeter than the dessert.

We had it very well chilled, with Brie, apples and crackers. I only have a morning after picture of the bottle, because there are some times when the Blackberry needs to stay on the shelf and last night was one of them.

I really was surprised by this wine, and it makes me want to try all of the Lost Angel Wines. They have a pretty comprehensive website (except this wine isn't on it).  This California wine is from EOS Estate Winery but I am not exactly sure of the provenance, as they are now owned by a conglomerate.  Maybe a trip to California is in order - any excuse to travel!!  The price is great, and it is well worth it to have a bottle on hand for when you want to have a sweet addition to a meal.

 UPDATE:  Did I mention that I LOVE comments?  Well, I do.  Since they commented, I now know that they are not owned by a conglomerate (I was terrified that they were Bronco owned)  Whoo hoo, great wine, great price.  I'm gonna try all of them!!


  1. Thanks for reviewing our wine!

    The Lost Angel Muscat Canelli isn't on our website because we are currently out of stock of this wine!

    Look for it to return in the summer under our EOS label!

    The Muscat Canelli is grown in the Paso Robles AVA.

    As for our ownership, we are owned by a great company called St. James Corporation, who's only asset is EOS Estate Winery. So we're hardly a conglomerate :)


    -EOS Estate Winery

  2. Paso Robles has some the greatest wineries (read great undiscovered wines) in the world: informal, genuine and relatively inexpensive. St. Emilion of forty years ago.