Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Indaba Sauvignon Blanc `09 $5.99 ***

I like Indaba wines. They are good, economical wines from South Africa. So what if they are screw top?  I was at a tasting earlier this week, and the rep said that 2009 was a GREAT year for South African wine.  (I don't know exactly what he means, I'm not sophisticated enough to really compare years - but it was good wine)

For six bucks, this fruity white wine is a good buy.  Having a chilled bottle on hand this summer to drink with a salad or something light would be a good thing.  This wine adds a crisp freshness, and gives you a little buzz as well.  Win/win in my book. There is a citrusy taste with a slight herbal aftertaste.  This is not a sweet wine. It is refreshing.

Tonight's menu:

TJ's Mixed greens with garlic
French Bread rusks
TJ's butterflied freshwater shrimp sauteed with chorizo, TJ's pepperstrips, tomato and onion

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