Saturday, April 24, 2010

Indaba Merlot (not TJ's) $8.99 ***

First rule, aerate this wine.  After running it through the vinturi, the wine opened up and smoothed out.

Second rule, pair it with the right food.  I found out the hard way that if you pair it with a spicy food.  I couldn't figure out why this wine, which I have tasted and liked before, was all of a sudden awful. So off to the internets I went.  Come to find out, the capsaicin in peppers and other spicy foods can interact with the wine to create a bitter, more alcoholic taste. Go for milder spices, like black pepper, and prevent a bitter taste in your mouth. When I read that here, I realized that a spicy Rotel Chickpea chili was the WRONG food to have with this wine.  So, on the next day, I made a sweet chorizo and shrimp tapas, and then mixed it with the chickpea leftovers to make sandwiches, and we tried the Merlot again. SCORE.

This Merlot is a full bodied deep cherry wine with oakiness and a kick.  When I swirl and sniff, it does not have a pure fruity smell.  It has an astringent undertone. I wonder if it needs some more time to mellow out.  I think it would age well.  I wonder what the `09 would taste like in `11? Maybe I'll buy another bottle and find out.

Leftover sandwiches with Chorizo, pork, bell peppers, greens, chickpeas onion and tomatoes.

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