Friday, April 2, 2010

Chateau Saint Arnaud Saint-Emilion `05 (not TJ's) $18.99 ****

This is a rich, rich wine and  I like it. I had dinner out tonight but I wanted a glass of wine when I got home.  Randomly, I opened this bottle. On my first pour, what a great wine!  I don't know the blend, but it is a rich red.  Deep, lush fruit.  Oakiness (it is kind of astringent like, puckering for a split second, and then a smooth finish). After the Vinturi - even smoother.  What a nice sipping wine. There is nothing light about it, it is substatial.  If it were a fabric, it would be a thick silk/cotton blend.  Like nice sheets when you have just made your bed, comforting.

This is an blended Saint-Emilion wine. Reading about the drama of being certified Saint-Emilion was funny.  Guys, it is WINE, but considering that their economic survival really hangs by a thread (or a crop), I can understand the politics of it all.  I am giving it four stars. To me, this could be a $40 bottle.

Have I ever written about my Bacon Parmesan popcorn addiction?  Well here it is. With Broadbent's Applewood smoked bacon and American Parmesan.

A good night was had by all.

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