Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ponti Dry Vermouth $4.99 (second review)****

Some days are for drinking wine, others are for cooking with wine.  After roasting a chicken yesterday, I picked the meat today for Chickpea chili with shredded chicken and the rest went into stock, which is bubbling away on the stove as I type this.

I was tempted to open a nice Gamay that I have waiting - but since there has been a fair amount of drinking over the past few days, my consumption today will only be cooking oriented.

I love this vermouth for cooking.  It is fortified, shelf stable, and perfect for any light dish that needs a kick. Thank you Julia Child for turning me on to cooking with good dry vermouth.  And thank you Trader Joe's for stocking Ponti, a great cheap bottle that tastes a lot more expensive. The price has gone up a dollar since my last Ponti review - but it is still a fantastic buy if you want a shelf stable white cooking wine.  (I don't drink martinis so I can't vouch for it as a mixer)

Chickpea Chili with Chicken


  1. I just tasted the Ponti and googled it to find other opinions. Thanks for yours!! As for mine, I would never use it in a cocktail. Try it straight up, cold and you will taste a most unmemorable and almost bad flavor. Glad to know I can use it in cooking. Will try that next.

  2. Just realized the bottle I had was a hand me down and I think was past its prime. Shelf stable probably doesn't mean store in a warm dry place for many months. :)