Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nerelo Del Bastardo $7.99 **

It was a dark and stormy night.... and this is a dark and stormy wine. Whew.  I did everything I could to optimize it.  I uncorked it, stuck in a thermometer and made sure it was at the recommended temperature (18 degrees Celsius (64 F)) when I poured it for the first time - it smells nice, dark cherry, a bright scent of acid.

First sip: Dry, lots of tannin. Good thing I am making steak! The fattiness of the steak can balance out the tannin. But there is an after burn to this wine, and no, it isn't a finish, it is a burn.

After the Vinturi:  NO don't do it.  The wine goes from a complex, acidic dry fruit and then after the run through the Vintuiri, it loses its complexity, it becomes an uneven hodgepodge. This tastes like a rustic homemade wine that just didn't quite use the right ingredients. 

The rest of the bottle is going into the vinegar barrel.

Hangar Streak
Asparagus (finally in season!)
Butternut squash & Sage Risotto made with TJ's 3 grain blend risotto rice, barley & spelt

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