Saturday, March 13, 2010

J Wilkes Pinot Blanc `06 (not TJ's) $18.99 ***

I always forget that I really like white wine (when it is good). This Pinot Blanc was the only white wine in my wine rack, so I had it tonight as a default wine.  After taking my first sip, it reminded me that summer is coming, and I must buy more white wine.

For $18.99, you get an elegant bottle with a pretty label in an expensive looking font that is evocative of a Jeffersonian existence where wine is actually kept in a cellar etc etc.  Well, that is part of the romanticism of drinking wine (and probably adds an extra $5.00 to the cost).  I bought this wine from a tasting, so the first time I saw the label was when I unpacked it from my wine carrier. The only reason I am not giving this wine four stars is because I am cheap, and $18.99 makes this a special occasion bottle, not a grab a couple and drink a few with friends.

This Pinot Blanc is a great, all around crisp white, with a hint of sweet when you have it with food. It tastes like it has a slight sparkle (kind of dances on my tongue) and is a nice refreshing glass of wine.  The slight acidity really brightens food when you have it with dinner like we did. My friend said that it seemed to have a citrus taste as well. I tasted apples and a bit of minerality. I was made aware of the pretension of saying "tastes of minerality", when I was at a wine tasting, a woman asked me "What is minerality?  Is it like mineral oil?" I said no,  "Imagine licking slate - in a good way." The Washington Post article I linked to above does a better job of describing minerality.

I think that this is a great date picnic wine. I can easily see chilling a bottle in a sleeve, packing up the picnic backpack, then spreading out the tartan on some green grass, unpacking a lunch, and just basking in the sunshine with a friend and a bottle of this wine.  Can you tell I am getting desperate for summer?  As I type this, it is 41 degrees in NYC, the sky is pitch black and there is a torrential downpour. Tonight, this wine is like a Summer's day in a bottle.

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