Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chateau de la Chesnaie Muscadet Sevre et Maine `08 $11.99 (not TJ's)****

My trip to the Farmer's Market@116th St dictated tonight's dinner.  The fish monger Pura Vida Fisheries was there.  Just off the boat, I bought Mussels & Scallops.  Then I walked down half a block to see Barbara at Buon Pane, she is my Foccacia friend, and she gave me a beautiful french roll when I bought my lunch.  I knew that at home I had a lovely bottle of Muscadet from the Loire, so the time was right.

This is a four star shellfish wine. It is dry, a little crisp, but becomes sweet when I drink it while eating the panko crusted, blackened Old Bay Seasoned Lemon scallops.  Sublime.

I steamed the mussels a la style Belgique (I lived in Belgium) easy, and yummy. Perfect.

I also made a Caesar Salad to see how the wine went with Salad, and yes - it works

I like this small Chateau wine.  It is from Sevre et Maine, (I am partial to Maine - even the one in France).  If you want a dry, crisp kind of fruity (but really fruity only with food - scallops OMG - WOW!!!) This is a great wine.

Caesar Salad
French Roll
Scallops baked in Panko breadcrumbs with lemon, butter and parsley
Mussels steamed in wine with Shallots, parsley, thyme, butter, leeks and bay leaf

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