Sunday, February 21, 2010

Urban Ribera Del Duero `07 (not TJ's) $17.99***

100% Tinta Del Pais (Tempranillo).  I have to say that I am partial to Tempranillo. Maybe because Tempranillo is a genetic mutant like me or maybe because this wine has an added level of rough.  If wines were writers, I think that Tempranillo would be Hemingway (Brief, tightly wound, ready to throw a punch and then smoke a cigar). Cabernet would be Shakespeare (Something that too many people are pretentious about, when done right: smooth, melodious, engaging and soul satisfying, when done wrong: grating, annoying and leaves a bad taste in your mouth).

Now to the wine:  This Urban is a nice, complex (meaning that it makes my tongue work to figure out what all the tastes are) and easy to drink .  I should have saved it for a better meal, but I wanted wine and this came the closest in my wine rack for today.  As I drink it, I think of dried cherries and I am imagining drinking this with BBQ Ribs or Chicken.  My next bottle of Tempranillo, I am going to try it with BBQ.

After the Vinturi, much smoother and easier to drink, but with a harsher finish.  It is almost like the wine tricks you, and after decanting it, you take a deep drink, and then BOOM, you taste a kick, and you realize that you should slow down and take smaller sips. I also think that this wine would go well with cheese.

As it is, three stars.  (It is too expensive to be a 4 star wine for me.) I made Shrimp, Chorizo in an onion, red pepper sauce over white rice.

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  1. I am so glad we stumbled across your blog! What a fun idea - we frequent Trader Joe's for our wine selection. I've included your post on Estola in our latest blog post. You can view it here -- Cheers!