Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sanguineti Chianti `08 (DOCG )$13.99 (not TJ's) ****

It is good wine.  Actually great wine. Of course, I am biased - Antonio poured my first glass for me and his face is on the label. Antonio Sanguineti is a Tuscan showman, but behind that charisma is a great product.  This Chianti was made to bring home on a Thursday night, sit with people you love and share a bottle or two.

If I had a country house, I'd buy a case, keep it in the cellar and haul out a bottle every time I wanted to have a nice casual evening with friends. I'd look at the label and smile, and think about the man who was able to decant his passion and market it all over the world.  Cin Cin Antonio!

Now for the wine.  It is a light Chianti, slightly acid, but fruity with highlights of strawberry.  It has a kick for a finish, you know that you are drinking something that will give you a kick.  I like it as an everyday wine.

After the Vintuiri:  Not much of a change, it does get a bit smoother - but that just makes the acidity aftertaste just a bit more prominent - with food, not an issue.

Great with a salad - or in the case of tonight, a broiled open face roast beef & provolone sandwich with grilled onions & cherry tomatoes.

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