Sunday, January 31, 2010

Salneval Albarino `08 DO (not TJ's) $11.99 ****

I am moving, so that means that I have to eat my way through my pantry/freezer.  (my wine rack will move with me...)

Today it will be Spanish Albarino Saneval, it is a lovely, crisp, white wine.   Pretty much a perfect fruity, fresh, crisp wine.  Straw colored, slightly dry (like slate) which just makes it clean tasting.  The good thing about it is the versatility.  As a stand alone, this could be a great summer wine.  With spicy food... well,... yuummm.  Which is why I grabbed it today.

So, to share what I have learned, this DO is a 100% Albarino grape from Rias Baixas Spain. The DO seal is a seal that promises that it really is from the Northwestern Corner of Spain (close to Portugal).Why do I care about location - I don't if the wine is good, but I am ever so curious, and a sincere travel nut, so why not figure out where good stuff comes from? Come on, admit it, maps are cool!

Butter poached shrimp with blackened Old Bay Seasoning (mmm spicy and buttery...)
Sweet Potato, Sage and Bacon Risotto
Sugar Snap Peas (gotta have something green on the plate!)

The wine is amazing with the spicy/butteryness of the shrimp. (frozen TJ's shrimp -great to have on hand in the freezer).

Four Stars... Now on to packing....

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