Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nausica Nero d'Avola Sicilia `08 (not TJ's) $11.99 ****

This is a wine that I bought after tasting it during my class @ Bacchus (Touring Italian Wines).

From my class notes: I loved it (the `07 version).  I called it "Warm & Jammy with hints of Cinnamon and Allspice".  This wine was the fourth that I tasted that night, and let me just say that at wine class, I drink... I don't sip and spit... by the time I have left the tasting cellar, I am very, very happy (and carrying a tote of at least four bottles of wine).

Well, let's see how it fares at home in my little crackhouse, away from the luxurious surroundings and decadent cheese....

Upon first opening the bottle (I had to get out the Alessi "Super Anna" corkscrew, the plastic cork gave me a bit of a struggle).  The smell is great.  Even before pouring, the scent of berries wafted from the bottle.

First pour:  Super dry and fruity. Even though it makes my tongue furry, it is a light wine. It may not have been the perfect bottle to open for today's lunch, but it will still be great to drink. Even after being in the glass as I type this, the wine settles and my tongue is less furry.

After the Vinturi:  Not a huge difference.  Kind of flatter.  I notice the tannins more.  I'm not going to decant this for lunch.  I'll pour it straight from the bottle.

Mushroom Beef Stew braised in beer
Egg noodles & Spinach tossed in a garlic butter

The wine is great.  It works well even with the Garlic in the Spinach & Egg Noodles.

And, since I am loving my new Blackberry, here is a picture of lunch...

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