Tuesday, January 5, 2010

La Loggia Barbera D'Alba `08 (DOC) $6.99 ****

A Tuesday night. A fight with Time Warner (Not even over my cable account), and it is freezing outside.  Where to turn??? I was still in a fighting mood.  I was tired, I was hungry.  I had four Lobster Ravioli left in the freezer from Christmas!  Bingo!!

The label on this wine says that it is good with seafood.  HAH.  I was going to test that.

First sip as I was making the tarragon cream sauce.  Yummy.  Light, fruity, no tannins.  Pretty.  A nice light wine. I like it.  So, as I made the sauce, I decadently threw in a slew of frozen shrimp from Trader Joe's and the night began.  This wine even smells nice.  It paired really well with the creaminess of the sauce and the briny taste of the shrimp.

This is simply a beautiful, cheap wine that you could drink alone, or pair with many foods.  It isn't robust, it is refreshing, kinda fruity.  Well worth it.

After the Vinturi, it just gets better.  You can drink it without decanting it with no worries or, to just make that final polish, decant it.  There is plenty left for tomorrow's dinner, so I am going to plan my meal around it.  I'll post an update on day 2.

Until then, here is my stressful Tuesday Supper.  Julia Child once said “The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook”. This is pretty indulgent eating.  But it was GREAT!

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