Saturday, January 2, 2010

Il Valore Chianti Reserva `05 (DOCG) $5.99 ****

WOW!  For six bucks, you get a fruity yet dry good bottle of wine to have with a meal. DECANT THIS! It makes it so much better!!!

First sip undecanted and a little cold... (serve this at room temperature) hmmm very dry, mouth puckering dry. I wasn't sure.  Then I realized that it is 22 degrees out and this wine is chilled (from being in my unheated pantry/entryway).  So, I cooked, the kitchen grew warmer and the wine opened up. It still has tannins and a strong cherry/raspberry taste, but it is yummy.  After a run through the Vinturi (WINNER) and a frustrating few minutes getting the Soiree to work (loser) the drinking began in earnest....

The wine is a food wine.  it is too acidic to be a stand alone sipping red wine.  It does have a bit of a "burn" after drinking.  It is indeed a "robust" wine, for an amazing price (and is DOCG label to prove that it comes from Tuscany) How do they make a profit on this?  I don't want to know, just keep selling it.

Skirt Steak
Rotini pasta with home made pesto and fresh grape tomatoes

All I can say is "Cin Cin"!

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  1. Haven't had this one since the '03 vintage but recently had their Sangiovese which is going for $3 and was quite pleased. Thinking it is time for me to give this one another shot!