Saturday, January 30, 2010

Clos del Pinell Negre `08 DO (not TJ's) $7.99 ***

It is a cooking and studying Saturday.  (I went back to school... YIKES)

This Clos del Pinell Negre is a wine that I tasted at the New World vs. Old World Event at Bacchus.  I liked it then, so I bought it. Good news, I like it now too!

This is a good, fresh inexpensive wine.  I love the smell when I first opened the bottle and poured it (and the cork is really pretty!). For me, the scent is like fresh blackberries.  Really, I just smelled and smelled and smelled before I drank it (maybe because it is 17 degrees here in a brutal NYC January).  It is fruity when you first sip it.  With a dry finish - and a little burn.  Nice.  It was slightly rough on my tongue, so I'll maybe say that it adds a bit of texture (subtle tannins).

So I found out in my wine class that Spain has a DO/DOA certification.  This wine is certified Terra Alta (South West of Barcelona) in the region of Tarragona (which makes me want to cook something with Tarragon!!) but I digress....

After the Vinturi, I don't like it so much.  The beautiful berry smell is diffused, the taste is muted.  My advice, don't decant it, pour it straight from the bottle and enjoy.

Today, I am making pine nut pesto, so lunch will be Whole Wheat Lavash Pizza with Ligurian Salami, Grape Tomatoes, Shallots, Pesto and Buffalo Mozzarella.  I haven't even tried the pizza yet, but I did taste the Salami with the wine, and WOW!  Fatty, peppery Salami with this wine was GREAT.

I'll use this wine on Sunday (or later tonight) when I make Chickpea, Chorizo Chili.

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