Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aquila D'Oro Chianti `08 (DOCG) $4.99 **

Hmmmm. I seem to be on a Chianti roll of late.  Thursday night supper.  Pesto, Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella flatbread pizza and this $4.99 bottle of Chinti.

Well the DOCG label says that it is from Tuscany, an `08 dry red wine.

Pre-Vinturi:  First sip.  It is dry, with some tannins, acidic, has a kind of afterburn as it goes down my throat. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a reminder that this may be a food wine.  Tastes of tart Raspberries.

After Vinturi:  Woodier, dryer - less of the raspberry taste.  Don't decant it.  It is better right from the bottle.  It still has the afterburn though.  I won't buy it again.

When I first poured this bottle, it was slightly chilled, and pretty palatable.  But as it warmed to the tropical temperature that my landlord keeps my apartment at, the wine was undrinkable.  I poured the balance into my new oak vinegar barrel.

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  1. I love your idea of tasting your way through Trader Joe's. Great.

    I just tasted and reviewed three Chianti Classico wines and a Brunello from Trader Joe's today. In case you're interested..... (Use the "Wines I'm Drinking" tab).