Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jean Ginglinger Gewurztraminer `07 (Not TJ's) $22.99 ****

What a delicious wine.  It was one of the wines I tasted during my "Demystifying French Wine" Class at Bacchus. I have learned so much by taking these classes.  Like:  don't store Champagne in the fridge, unless you are just about to drink it. Actually, don't store ANY wine in the fridge.  56 degrees Fahrenheit is fine.  Which is why all my wine lives in my pantry (The unheated former entryway (now enclosed) of my NYC crack house - yes, I live in a former crack house - don't judge... it is cute!)

Back to the wine.  This Gewurztraminer is sweet, rich and buttery.  BUT it has an acid undertone that perfectly balances it.  I didn't want to uncork this bottle on a work night with no planned menu.  After all, it is expensive, but I needed wine and all I didn't have much in the fridge. 

This wine is lush, fruity and smooth.  It would go great with a spicy Thai or Chinese dish.  Those Alsatians know how to make a good Gewurztraminer.  Four stars.  Well worth the $22.99.


Spinach Salad
Potato, Provolone, Bacon & Onion Tart

Now, enough about the great wine.  Why am I writing about an expensive (to me) wine on a Wednesday night???? 

After a long, exhausting day, facing a 568 page line edit for a friend's novel, there was a box of 8 LBS of bacon waiting for me.  Which effectively brought my larder up to 16 LBS of premium bacon.  Someone has a twisted sense of humor.  How did I end up with 16 LBS of premium bacon in my larder?  Well, 8LBS of it was my mistake.  We all had a laugh when I got on line and ordered bacon from Benton's in Tennessee (minimum order 4 LBS)  oops, I ordered twice.  Now, a month after my initial snafu (and subsequent hahahahah moments) I just came home to another box of bacon.  (Guess what you are getting for Christmas J&S...)  Sigh.....

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