Saturday, December 26, 2009

Domaine des Grandes Perrières Sancerre `08 (not TJ's) **** $18.99

I had a difficult time deciding what to pair with a calorie rich meal of Lobster Ravioli in tarragon cream sauce, Asparagus in Lemon Butter Sauce with Parmesan and Pecan Pie with vanilla ice cream - besides Lipitor that is....

This Sancerre was amazing.  It was well chilled when I popped it out of the fridge, poured a glass, smiled, and then used it in the cream sauce.  It was going to be a nice night.

The wine is crisp, and has a lot of minerality (see, I did learn something in my wine classes!) The minerality is a great contrast to the creamy rich meal that I served. This wine is expensive (for me) but well worth the expense for a special meal.

This Sancerre comes from a small producer in the Loire Valley, I am excitedly taking a class on the wines of the Loire, and hope to take a vacation there.  I can easily imagine serving this wine well chilled year round, with a summer picnic of cold Fried Chicken, or with a nice Moule Frite.... The pairings are endless.

It is made from Savignon Blanc grapes, and is called a Sancerre because of the territory where it is grown and produced.  "AOC" (Appellation d'origine contrôlée).  I know, I'm echoing my class on French Wines...

Meanwhile, back to the eating and drinking:  Here it is before the food made it to the table....

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