Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Aerators: Vinturi v. Soiree

A recent comment asked me which aerator I preferred.  I am partial to the Vinturi, but the Soiree is an in bottle aerator, so I have decided to put them head to head.  Tonight is the first attempt.  I will review the wine separately.  Price-wise, the Vinturi was $33.00 on line, and the Soiree was $19.99 at Bacchus.

Technically, the Soiree is easier to use.  It has two different flanges and fits almost any bottle.  You simply insert the bulb into the bottle and pour.  Here it is on the wine bottle:

The Vinturi requires holding the aerator over the wine glass and pouring, or you could decant a whole bottle into another vessel (I've never done that but will try in the future all in the name of the science of drinking!)
Here is the vinturi waiting for the pour:

The verdict?

Part One:  2005 Chianti (I'll review this wine in another post)

Well, in the name of experimentation, I'll keep trying ; ).  But for the first pour, I have to say that the Vinturi made the wine a lot smoother.


Day Two:  At lunch, there was still a part of the bottle left, and I tried both again.  The trick with the Soiree is to hold the bottle completely upright as you pour  - which for me is a scary proposition, but so far so good, the Soiree held securely in the bottle.  The day after, I have to say that the Soiree held its own against the Vinturi.

My highly scientific set up:

Three glasses one un aerated, one glass Vinturi, one glass Soiree

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with both aerators. I get the feeling that you are still partial to the Vinturi. I too am a bit cautious about upending a full bottle of wine and trusting the Soiree to remain secure, if indeed you have to keep it fully upright to work. Do you have any thoughts on which one is easier to clean?