Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rosenblum Vintners Cuvee XXXI Zinfandel $7.99 ***

I have a cold.  Which means that my taste buds are suboptimal. What to do when your head wants to cede from your body?  Make chicken soup and drink wine (in-between book edits for a friend).

First sip of the Rosenblum, I like it.  Lush, berry-like, with a nice, slightly dry finish.  Like I said, my taste buds are off, I am sure that I am missing some nuance, but all in all, I like this wine.  It is a big taste for $7.99.

Wow, this wine has a tech sheet.... That is impressive marketing for a $7.99 bottle of wine.  (I'd pay $15 for it - but don't tell Trader Joe's that)

Now for a run through the vinturi....  even better.  My suggestion, invite some friends over for a nice rich, meaty dinner.  (Or really good crackers and cheese) pop the cork on the Rosenblum and decant it, then have a great meal.

Or, if you are like me, warm up some home made chicken noodle soup, drink a glass or two, keep a box of Puffs next to you, curl up on the sofa of sloth and watch The Colony (a great Discovery Channel staged reality show about post pandemic survival in a decimated Los Angeles...)

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