Friday, November 20, 2009

Indaba Shiraz ` 08 $6.99 ***

It is a red wine Friday night.

My initial thought on my first sip, was shudder....  But I was wrong.  First impressions are sometimes wrong.  Yeah, if you unscrew the top and pour a glass to drink, you will be disappointed.... But, if you open the bottle and cook a rich meal:

Mixed Green Salad w/Italian dressing
Grilled Hangar Steak
Butternut Squash Risotto w/crispy butter fried sage

This wine is a good lush peppery dinner wine, it is much better when served w/ food - and after a run through the vinturi AND some time breathing - it is a fruity, peppery wine.  Think sour cherries and blackberries with a bite.

Now my cold & I are snuggling up on the sofa of sloth and perusing what is on my TIVO for the evening.  Next week is Thanksgiving - a culinary dream.  I'll be cooking kosher - which is kinda cool for a goy (translation - non-jew) from Maine!

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