Sunday, November 8, 2009

El Quintanal Ribera del Duero `06 $13.99 **

Today is a beautiful, sunny, 60 degree November Sunday.  I've got a hangar steak cooking on the stovetop, I've cleaned the apartment top to bottom, and I just popped the cork on the El Quintanel.

Shudder... this wine is rough. Pour it, and give it some time to breathe.  Then the sudden taste of acetone won't be so shocking.  So, the steak is sizzling away, I am sitting at the computer and my second and third sips are better.  It is very fruity.  Cherry.  Bright. Some tannin aftertaste.  Definitely NOT a sipping wine.

While the steak rests, I am going to throw together a lavash pizza with pesto, tomato and buffalo mozzarella with a small salad, and that will be Sunday lunch.

After a run through the Vinturi - nope, not my kind of wine.  The Vinturi mellowed it - more like muddled it.  This is a bright wine, with a lot of sharpness, that is okay for a rich fatty dinner.  Meh - not worth the price.  I am much happier with the cheaper and tastier Albero wines.

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