Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cline Ancient Vine Zinfandel `07 $12.99 ****

I am a very lucky girl.

This Fall has been stressful. (When I am stressed... surprisingly, I don't drink much! huh...) When my friends J& S let me stay/housesit for the weekend, it is a little slice of paradise. Which includes an amazing dinner and some great wine.

The Cline Ancient Vine Zinfandel is a rich, flavorful (raspberry and coffee overtones) and easy to drink wine. No real tannins, just a burst of lush flavor when you sip it.

J made grilled skirt steak, pasta in a four mushroom cream sauce and a mixed green salad with a side of rustic french bread. S and I opened the bottle as J was grilling the steak and I finished the bottle the day after with my lunch of delicious leftovers.

Red wine and steak, pasta and cream sauce. You can't go wrong.

Cline is an interesting vineyard. The label has a lot of info. They are 100% off the grid with their energy consumption. 50,000 square feel of solar panels over their winery roof. - -cool, I like that. Although they call their vines "Ancient" - I don't get that, 86 - 100 is ancient? I know a few grandparents who would take umbrage - especially after polishing off a couple of glasses of wine. What can I say, all my favorite grand parents & great grand parents are winos - birds of a feather....

I like this wine. It is a fair price. I wish I had the Vinturi to try it out, but I am not at home. Shhh don't tell them, but I know one thing that is going under their Christmas tree. After all, I do drink wine at their place, I might as well be able to do a full review!

NB: After dinner, S and I had an amazing Pedro Ximenez San Emillo Sherry, definitely NOT a TJ's wine.. But is was a perfect postprandial drink, well, drinks, my glass was always full and my head was heavy when I woke up this morning. Years ago, S turned me into a Sherry/Madeira drinker, I am just too cheap to buy the good stuff. It tasted of smooth sugary raisins. A perfect to end a great evening meal, as we watched J do the dishes.

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