Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Columbia Crest Shiraz `06 **** (Not TJ's)

I just got back to Seattle from a four day road trip that included 2 days at Burning Man. On my next to last night in Seattle, we cooked in. Bought a bottle of the Columbia Crest, some steak and asparagus @ the local West Seattle Safeway.

I was roasting some garlic from Bill's garden and we opened the wine to have with the roasted garlic spread on a sourdough baguette from Bakery Nouveau. The wine had a chance to breath before we poured it. It is a rich deep wine with a hint of cherry. It really complimented the bread, and later on, with the steak and asparagus, it was perfect. I also used some of the wine to make a pan sauce for the fillet.

Four stars for an easy to drink, tasty Shiraz from the Columbia valley in Washington State. Tomorrow, I am on my way back to NYC.

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