Monday, July 27, 2009

Cellier Du Rhone Blanc $5.99 ***

It was a last minute grab. I was due to go to dinner at a friend's place, and I needed to bring wine. Since I am unemployed - I cheaped out and decided to multipurpose and take a bottle of Trader Joe's then I'll get to review it as well... life is about multipurposing lately.

First sip - oh boy - really sour, I thought I blew it. This was a hostess gift wine and I should have spent more cash. By the second sip - not so bad. It is a crisp dry white wine. In an oddly triangular bottle.

So, this is an interesting slightly sour, yet fruity dry wine that grows on you. Get past the first sip, and you'll enjoy the bottle. It is not a chardonnay, and not a voignier - it is somewhere in between. Definitely serve it very cold, because as it warms, the dynamic changes, and it isn't nearly as interesting.

We had it with an informal but delicious dinner of Shrimp & Tofu Tacos.

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