Monday, June 15, 2009

Estola Reserva La Mancha 2004 $5.99 **

First pour, not bad. Fruity - yet kind of dry, no tannins. With this wine, it tastes a bit rough, not bad, just the opposite of smooth. It is still easy to drink.

It is a Tuesday night, and after a long day at work, it is a quick simple supper. One late night, when we all ended up at my apartment after celebrating a bit too much, I got the idea to make Lavash Pizza. (Truth was, all I had was Lavash bread, bacon and cheddar cheese in the fridge - so I called it pizza) Either way, after a stint in a 400 degree oven, it was amazing.

So, armed with that working out so well, here is tonight's dinner menu:
  • Mixed Greens with Boccatini, Olive oil and grape tomatoes
  • Lavash Pizza: half salami, onion and mushroom; half fresh basil, garlic and Boccatini, all sprinkled with Parmesan.
This wine was perfect for a quick dinner.

After a run through the Vinturi:
Again, another wine that is better without the vinturi. When it ahas been aerated, the imperfections stand out. The vinturi makes it almost bitter.

We'll be drinking this bottle without using the vinturi. I think that this wine needs to be finished in one meal. For $5.99 why not?

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