Saturday, May 30, 2009

Panilonco Carmenere `07 Reserve $4.99 ***

Red wine at 9:30 on a Saturday morning is not a red flag, it is just a sign that I have some cooking to do. I can't believe that I am starting a review before I've finished my coffee. But there it is. I am making some Turkey Chili for an off-shore boat trip and today is the only time that I'll be able to get it cooked and into the freezer. I grabbed a sip after I poured some into the chili.

First thoughts - good plonk for $4.99. This is a perfectly acceptable "Wednesday Night" wine. I just read an article about one of the major producers of TJ's Wines  - Bronco, and he spoke about Wednesday night wines v. Sunday wines. I am definitely a Wednesday night wine person.

The Carmenere is a light, slightly acid wine. It cleans the palate, and isn't overpowering. I am pairing it with lamb sausage for lunch today.

It took a lot of sips between us to make adequate comparisons pre and post vinturi. There is something a bit off about this wine. It is not a stand alone drink. The vinturi smooths it out, but then the off taste is more prevalent. I'd just drink it straight, and serve it with a spicy/fatty food. It went well with the Gorgonzola, and then with the Sausage. Even though the wine is kind of fruity - sour cherry notes, it is just a basic table red that no one should hate, but no one should go running out to buy. A "Wednesday Night Wine" served on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Lunch Menu:
Candied Walnut Gorgonzola Salad
Merguez Couscous
Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and Limoncello


  1. I just had the 2008. It is a good wine and an excellent value.

  2. i tried panilonco carmenere 2009,it comes out
    so much flavors if just drink it along, good value too

  3. The 2009 Carmenere tastes better after a couple of days of its opening. It smooths out and the fruitiness becomes more prominent.

  4. We were given a bottle of 2007 that we just drank (now it's November 2011)and we liked very much. It was a Tuesday but no matter, the wine was smooth, pleasant, and we enjoyed it.

    We saw complaining review by another wine blogger but there wasn't much except "I hate it, I don't like it" -- in other words, suspicious. No real commentary about the wine itself. So I'm glad to find your comments, which are reasonable. What I think is that for $5.00 when the dollar's so devalued, this wine is quite nice to enjoy during the afternoon or evening, though I don't think I'd cook with it. We may try a bottle of 2010 with our Thanksgiving turkey tomorrow.