Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stonehedge Santa Lucia Chardonnay $8.99 **

This wine only gets two stars from me, as reviewing is subjective.

Today is the day after the Kentucky Derby (one of my high holy days - won this year by Mine that Bird, a 50-1 long shot upset) and the day after the six month anniversary of my kidney transplant. I'll sum it up by calling it a rainy Sunday "day after".

Brunch is quick and painless - a mixed leaf salad, Chorizo, Onion and Mushroom omelet, and reheated six cheese macaroni & cheese. I also may have fried my taste buds on mint juleps yesterday.

My first sip of the well chilled wine was shudder, sour. So shocking that I walked into the living room, held out the glass and said "taste this, is it off?" He said "No, it is chardonnay. Could you make me a Bloody Mary please?" - great, I ask for an opinion and I get a drink order.

After cooking brunch, we sat down to eat. It goes well with food. The saltiness of the chorizo is a good balance. I wouldn't open this bottle for a drinks party, but I would serve it with a meal. I don't think that it is worth $8.99 though - not in this economy. Hence my two stars for a wine that is probably a three star wine.


  1. I just tried some of the 2008 vintage. It's now $3.97, and drastically overpriced. I would not recommend this wine, although I did not try it with food. It had a rotten taste. I'm beginning to wonder if it may be different than that reviewed by albinnyc as there is no reference to Stonehedge. It is a product of Spain, the La Mancha region. Buyer beware!

  2. The wine I reviewed is a California Chardonnay here is a link to their "Awards..."

    Thanks for the comment - I'll aviod anything that sounds like the bottle you bought!!