Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oreana Happy Face Syrah $5.99 *

Shudder. First sip bleech. Think bitter chocolate. I only made it through three sips. Now for the vinturi. After the vinturi - it is substantially better, but still bleech. I can't really describe the taste. Tannins, a lot of tannins. And acidic, and well, rough. To save the day I am switching to Vodka Cranberry for brunch. Buy this wine at your own risk.

Butter lettuce & mushroom salad
Ramp, Spinach Ricotta Tart
Tiramisu (who can resist espresso, marscapone lady fingers and Marsala??)

This has been the first time in a long time that I have poured a bottle down the drain. I won't even cook with it. Happy Face on the label - someone has a sense of humour!


  1. Ive never had the heart to pour one down the drain. I almost poured a recent Italian red TJ tryout down the drain but after finding a blog entry advise to give it a few days after opening I did and found it actually quaffable. Ill take your word though and stay away from this syrah

  2. this is only good when you mix it 1:1 with San Pellegrino Limonata over ice. awesome bubbly ghetto sangria!

  3. i tried the oreana happy face syrah and thought for 5.99, it was the best wine i've ever had, all my friends loved it, peter n,

  4. A review is all about taste. Making sangria has saved many a bottle of wine for me. I don't think that I'll try the Happy Face again, but I'm glad that there is a market for it.

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. Tried the Syrah ... as is said "Drinking our way through Trader Joe's wines" ... hated it! I do not see how this stuff qualifies as wine - more of a syrup and too biting for sipping enjoyment. We had a cheese/cracker/dip platter & found that only a garlic, horseradish dip would desensitize taste buds sufficiently to make the drink palatable.
    Agree with the "sense of humor" comment, earlier - the label starts off with "someone finally put it in a bottle"!
    Will not be purchasing the "Happy" brand again.

  6. What year was th project happiness syrah? It varies a lot year by year

  7. I am pretty sure that it was an `08. I had it at a time when I didn't realize the importance of the year!