Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lindemans Bin 99 Pinot Noir 2008 $5.49 ***

This is my fourth outing with a Lindemans wine. It is all things Australia today, Australia in the bottle, Australia on the TV (way too long a movie - but not AS awful as the critics said). I am skipping the Vegemite though (shudder). Since I have enjoyed all of the Lindemans so far, I am expecting that this Pinot Noir will hold to the status quo.

First sip as the pilaf is simmering and the steak is sizzling on the grill, this is a perfectly adequate wine. Fresh, fruity with a dry bite as an aftertaste. No tannins. For the price, I'd keep a couple of bottles on hand for those nights when you want wine but don't want to open up an exceptional bottle. There is a sharp aftertaste. Next glass will be with a run through the Vinturi - and I am curious to see what the change will be.

Well, I have to say that the vinturi is still my best purchase of 2009. It brought this wine to a new mellow level. The weirdness is, now I can taste some tannin (furryish tongue) but the wine is ever so better. Totally quaffable. I'd serve it for a dinner when I want to impress people (and still be cheap).

Caprese Salad
Skirt Steak
Broccoli Pilaf
Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream

The wine was GREAT with the Steak. Lindeman's, even your fake cork is a good one. A good utilitarian way to save some money and enjoy a good wine. Trader Joe's Wine Shop and the Linedman's Winery are a good match.

Oh, and if you are reading this blog because you are trying to save some money and still live well, I have a tip for you - regarding chef's knives. Ditch your ego and forgo designer knives (and knife sets). I invested $13.10 on a Victorinox 8" Chef's knife and $25.42 7" Victrorinox Santoku along with the 3" Pradel Inox that I bought in Paris at a grocery store, are the knives I use the most - and I love them (my other designer knives languish in their Wustoff block). My guests care about the food that I serve them, not the label on the utensil that I prepped the food with. I've found that keeping my ego in check has saved me thousands - well worth it!

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