Saturday, May 23, 2009

Condesa De Sarabella `07 Grenache $4.99 ***

Memorial Day Weekend - 2009 is the kick off to my Birthday week. So today is all about home. I woke up and gardened, then started fermenting homemade Ginger Ale for Monday's picnic.

As I have been puttering cooking and cleaning, I decided to uncork a bottle of wine. Condesa De Sarabella, a Grenache from Spain. First sip - good. Fruity. I taste blackberries. It is a full bodied, but not heavy, fruity red with very light tannins, some acid. I really like it. It could make an AMAZING Sangria. (the sun is shining, it is beautiful out - my mind always strays to sangria)

After a run through the vinturi: Different - more balanced, but it hides the fruity flavor. I prefer this straight out of the bottle. The vinturi makes it a pedestrian wine. Keep the Spanish flair, pour it right into the glass and enjoy.

Today's menu:
Mixed Greens
Potato & Pickled Beet Salad
Roasted Wings in Honey BBQ sauce
Coffee Ice Cream

Here is the "Before" picture of the Ginger Ale (next to my tomato plants who are going to be re-potted outside this afternoon). If you see the spots of color in the background, those are my Roses coming into bloom. My roses make me smile.

We'll be drinking the Ginger Ale on Monday.

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  1. You sound like a foodie just like me. Yours todays menu look interesting, I want to see the delish pics of your dishes and uncorked wine.