Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bear's Lair Viognier 2007 $ 5.99 ***

It is a BEAUTIFUL Saturday in NYC. I planned lunch as I was coming home from the Y, and I decided that I was nostalgic. I used to spend some vacations in Newport/Portsmouth RI, with some amazing friends of the family, the Ferrerias. The are a close knit Portuguese family who celebrate hard work and food. John made his own wine, and Aurora made some of the most amazing meals that I have ever eaten.

I decided to do a Portuguese riff on a classic Sausage and Broccoi Rabe sandwich. I made Chorizo, Kale and Cannelini Sandwiches on fresh french bread. Paired with the Bear's Lair, and for dessert homemade grape sorbet. Yesterday, the ice cream maker made it off the shelf and into the freezer for the season.

On first sip, this wine is thick, sweet - yet dry. It has a fruity taste. It was perfect for the slightly hot, slightly fatty sandwich.

I would drink this wine with anything that makes it work. - meaning that it balances sharp or fatty tastes. Don't serve it with anything cloying. Because the crispness of this wine can cut through a heavy (i.e. sausage) flavor, and just adds to the profile. - translation, it makes the wine refreshing. But for $5.99 this is a good wine to have on hand. I wouldn't serve it with an egg dish, but anything meaty or salty or cheesy - go for it!

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