Sunday, March 8, 2009

L'enclave De Papes Valreas Cotes du Rhone $5.99 ****

I've been taking a butchery class on Saturday mornings, and the good thing about it is that not only do I learn a lot, I get to keep some of the meat. Saturday's class was Beef, and tonight, I am cooking:

Broiled Skirt Steak
Broccoli a la Romana (steamed broccoli sauced with garlic and red pepper flakes cooked in olive oil and then poured over the cooked broccoli.)

And the TJ's Valreas. First sip while cooking (pre vinturi) Really Really good. Full bodied, a little sharp, with some fruit highlights, a slight dry aftertaste. But I like it already. A solid four stars. A great deep red for under six bucks. I love Trader Joe's.

Now for the wine after a run through the vinturi: hmmm. a totally different wine after aeration with the vinturi. Less sharp, but the fruity notes are mellowed. Aerating this wine deepens the flavor - making it almost lush. Still with the dry aftertaste, but with the fattiness of the steak. This is a great wine for beef.

I'll be buying more to keep on hand. Drinking this makes me want to plan full fat menus. But I may serve it undecanted. I like the layers of flavor when it is just out of the bottle.

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