Saturday, April 4, 2009

La Ferme Julien Blanc $5.99 ***

I am a sucker for any wine with a goat on the label. After my positive experience with Goats do Rome, I am hope that with La Ferme Julien I am still batting .366% (get it - Baseball metaphor - it is Spring after all - and that it all of my knowledge of Baseball summed up in one metaphor)

My first glass is well chilled and tart. Granny Smith Apple tart. With some acid. I am also using it in the poaching liquid. It would go well with some cheeses as well. I think that it is a good appetizer wine. Or a lunch wine. Buy one bottle, serve it to a group of people, and then move on to the main course. It is great with the risotto. A solid three stars. I still keep my shelf stable vermouth as my stand by cooking wine, but I could easily keep a bottle of this on hand to cook with, and sip along while cooking.

I think that I had the wine over chilled when I first tasted it. During brunch, we noticed that as the wine warmed a little, it became lusher. So I would say don't over chill this wine. Give it 10 mins after taking it out of the fridge before you pour. It is a solid fresh white wine.

Today's Menu:
Steamed Asparagus
Mushroom Risotto
Poached Salmon in a lemon, dill butter sauce

Home made Vanilla Ice Cream with lavender shortbread cookies
Demitasse of white chocolate Italian coco

Disclosure: I had a goat named Socrates when I was a teenager. He was purchased to keep my horse company when we traveled. Socrates did not know that he was an animal - because I got him as a kid, bottle fed him for a month. He didn't get moved to the barn until my Grandfather insisted that I keep him out of the house. I have a soft spot for goats.


  1. Nice review. I tried the La Ferme Julien 2007 Rosé last night which was equally as pleasant ($4.99). Trader Joes - Stonestown Mall San Francisco,CA - am going to review it. Rosé is IN!

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  3. Now I want to run out and buy the rosé!