Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michel Leon Gewurztraminer $7.99 ***

This is a nice fruity wine. It would go great with a curry (a masala or something mild) or a Thai dish (maybe a pad thai or a green curry or a panang) - can you tell that I am currently obsessed with curry? Lately, with work being so busy, I just don't have the time for prep and cooking when I get home at the end of the day.

I of course had the Gewurztraminer with a chicken pot pie from Westside Market. Still good, not nearly as exotic as the wine deserved.

Fruity, deep and sweet with a nice acidic after tones. I like it, although it is not my favorite Gewurztraminer from Trader Joe's. (update: my favorite so far is the JW Morris Gewurztraminer $3.99 -The price is the prize it is half the cost of the Michel Leon and just as good)

And as this is the second night I am having a glass of it with my supper of fresh popped Parmesan popcorn. (It was a heavy lunch day).

Finally, I want to extol the virtues of Parmesan popcorn (my favorite snack). If you eat microwave popcorn, THROW IT OUT! A bag of unpopped kernels is cheap (.89 cents at my local bodega) throw it in a pan with some hot canola oil (or if you are decadent, render some slivered bacon, then add the kernels) Pop the corn in a few mins, then while it is popping, microplane some good Parmesan, then as you transfer the popcorn to a bowl, sprinkle the Parmesan on the popcorn in thirds. Drinking a cold glass of this Gewurztraminer with the popcorn while watching the Top Chef Finale - PERFECT!


  1. Which is your favorite Gewurzt from Trader Joe's?

  2. So far: J.W. Morris, half the price, a bit sweeter, but worth it