Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Albero 2007 Organic Monastrell Jumilla $6.99***(*)

I guess that I never realized how deeply the weather affects my mood. I've been pretty down lately, but a walk through the Union Square Farmer's Market in 61 degree sunshine made it a pretty amazing afternoon. There were spring flowers for sale, and a glimmer of hope for good weather to come.

In keeping with my Albero taste test of late, I picked the Monastrell to have with the everything foccacia that I bought the Farmer's Market, and a simple mixed green salad with balsamic dressing and shaved Parmesan. A quick nice supper for a faux spring day.

I also made an impulse purchase this week. Based on a recommendation from Slashfood, I bought a Vinturi. So, armed with my bottle of Monastrell, and my salad and hot focaccia, I drank my first glass of un aerated wine. It is good. A bit sharp, fruity, with a lingering taste. Albero proves again that they produce a good Spanish wine, it is a heavy red that worked really well with the salad, and cheesy foccacia.

For my second glass, I ran the wine through the $33.00 (plus shipping) Vinturi. Honestly, I was expecting to feel stupid, BUT I WAS WRONG. The wine mellowed and got even better. Now, this was my first test (of many) but I'll be blogging all along the way. The wine is a solid 3 star, and with a run through the Vinturi aerator, the wine is a solid 4 stars for $6.99.

So, I learned a lot today. A stroll through the greenmarket on a sunny day can lift your mood. Albero really knocks it out of the park with their wines, and the money I spent on my second wine gadget (my first was a plunger/stopper set) was well spent. If your budget dictates buying inexpensive red wine, take the time to properly decant it, or buy a gadget that decants it for you. You'll taste the difference.

From now on when I review a red, I'll do the first glass as poured, and the second after a trip through the Vinturi.

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