Sunday, December 14, 2008

Charles Shaw Valdiguie `08 California, $2.99 *

Guest Blogger: Bill Peckham

Anna is about ready to wrap up her break from the Trader Joe's wine department but for her I am reviewing a Trader Joe's classic – Charles Shaw Valdiguie, 2008 California red aka three buck Chuck. What does $2.99 get you? Meh. Not too much.

To accompany my wine I continued the budget theme with Brie cheese from COSTCO, served on Wellington Toasted Sesame Water Crackers. The main course was salad – baby butter and sweet Tango lettuces, sliced vine ripened tomato and crispy low salt bacon crumbled in with a dollop of Marie's Blue Cheese dressing. I drank the wine from a scotch glass.

To even say the Charles Shaw is uncomplicated, would be to suggest more complexity than is there. The Charles Shaw is uncomplicated in the same way a single note pipe whistle is uncomplicated. The Shaw doesn't have notes so much as a single tone. The wine did better with the salad than the cheese.

A budget meal with Chuck is better than a budget meal with water, but I can't recommend a wine that leaves you wanting a beer. One star.

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