Saturday, January 17, 2009

Albero Organic Tempranillo $5.99 ****

It's chili time. Well, Turkey Chili... and red wine goes great with turkey chili (it also goes in the turkey chili). So, this afternoon as I was cooking, I opened the Albero Tempranillo, poured myself a glass and started chopping, sauteeing and sipping. (it is a great way to cook)

The Tempranillo on first sip seems lush. But then as it aerates and warms (it was in my unheated pantry, and it is 16 degrees outside -oops) this wine becomes light and fruity. It has a little bit of a tannin aftertaste, but that just adds a layer of depth to the flavor.

Just like my previous commenter said, Albero puts out a good wine - so far I am 2/2. I really like it, and will be buying more bottles to keep on hand. The minute I sipped it, a lot of ideas came to mind - I could imagine it as the base for an amazing sangria in the summer, I can also imagine it as a nice clean sipping wine with a salad.


  1. Had it last night with TJ's orange chicken (good) and rice. Taste of the Tempranillo was good, but left me with a headache the next day. I may test it again to see if the same headache happens.

  2. you didn't mention which vintage (year) you reviewed...2007? reading this in June 2010, just bought a bottle of the 2007, haven't tried it yet. Thanks!

  3. It's a great deal at $5.99. You said it with "clean sipping" - no unpleasant smells or flavors, which is unusual for $6.

  4. Funny about the comment on headaches as they relate to this wine. The wine is more-or-less decent, but it gives me a headache every time, even the day after just a couple of glasses.

    I am not prone to wine-induced headaches.

    I'd been on a buying splurge and I bought a few bottles of this, because I like organic and I like Tempranillo. I kept trying to convince myself that the headaches were not related to this wine, but after the last bottle, there was no denying it.

    Some say that taking an antihistamine can prevent wine-related headaches, but it's not something I've tried.