Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Albero Organic Sparkling White $4.99****

New Year's Eve was a low key, quiet, candle and x-mas tree lit evening. We drank this Spanish wine to end 2008. We opened the bottle to a satisfying pop and poured glasses as we attacked the tray of appetizers.

It is a lovely dry bubbly white wine. It is crisp and fruity, and I really like it. (skip serving the pigs in blankets with it though - total contrast!) I really am becoming a fan of Spanish wines.

Sipping the Albero Sparkling while nibbling the deviled eggs and melted cheese savory crackers - very good. Festive, and a great way to start the last night of the year.

This is a summer wine though. Heavy foods in winter overpower it. I am going back and buying a couple of bottles tp keep for summer. Four Stars.

Mini Pigs in a blanket (by request)
Deviled eggs with dill, spinach and bacon (homage to Top Chef)
Carr's Assorted Crackers topped with caramelized onion, sauteed mushrooms and melted cheddar

Waldorf Salad
Seafood Chowder
Portuguese rolls

Chocolate Souffle with cinnamon whipped cream

I sent my visitors off to ring in the New Year as a private party in Soho, and I did the dishes, and am now having a quiet, reflective hour to say goodbye to 2008. What a year it has been.


  1. I've tried the white and red table Albero wines. They're both great for low-key nights staying in. That dinner sounds fantastic.

  2. Not known to everyone is the fact that Monastrell is the Spanish name for Mourvèdre, a wine that is often found in Cote du Rhone blends from south of France. it is also bottled as Mourvèdre in California.