Sunday, November 9, 2008

Things Change

My November project is postponed.

On Sunday November 2, at 6am, I got a phone call... during the early hours of that morning, a young man had died and donated his organs. I received one of his kidneys later that day. I have been on the UNOS waiting list since June 2005, and as I type this his kidney lives in my abdomen filtering my blood, keeping me alive.

I am humbled and grateful for his final gift to me, a complete stranger. Organ Donors live on in their recipients. For the rest of my life, I carry a part of this man with me - and not in the spiritual/metaphorical sense. Our lives have been literally grafted together.

Wine is, of course off the menu until I reset my immune system, so this blog will be quiet until I am drinking again.

If you are interested in following the transplant, I have written about it in two places:

Dialysis from the sharp end of the needle


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