Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mionetto il Prosecco $10.99 **

Friday was a day of celebration at work. So, each of us brought in food for a family style pot luck lunch. I work in a very diverse NYC office, the menu was varied from comfort food to exotic. To drink, we had a couple of bottles of Mionetto Prosecco from Trader Joe's and various juices and soda.

The wine was crisp, and very bubbly. I took a sip of it alone, and it was a bit dry for my taste, but as it was 12:30 on a work day, I quickly made it a mimosa with some fresh squeezed orange juice, and my Boss made sure that my glass was refilled liberally - so how can it not be great?

For the price of the Prosecco, you can buy it in multiple bottles and make a punch with it for a party, which is where I think that this wine has it's value. If it were for a small dinner, where just one bottle was to be consumed, I would splurge the extra few dollars on a champagne. (Chandon Rose is my current economical favorite - and I found it for sale at a Trader Joe's in Seattle when I was there in October).

It was a great lunch, where a conference room, paper plates and corporate plastic utensils and cups became a family lunch, and for an hour, we were not co workers, but friends, bonding over some amazing food. Some of us cooked, some of us out sourced, all of us had a wonderful meal.

Salad with feta, apples and dried fruit
Bean Salad
Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches)
Indian Curried Potatoes and Cabbage
Whole Wheat Naaan
Pigeon Peas and Rice
Creamed Mashed Potatos with Leeks
French Bread
Penne with Sundried Tomatoes
Fresh Fruit
Sweet Potato Pie
Lemon Crumb Cake

Of course, this celebration threw a bit of a spanner in the works for my November project of living on $25.00 per week. I have leftovers packed in my fridge. So, I don't anticipate buying any groceries until next week. I'll value the meals that I prepare, and include them in the weekly post - I guess that this will be a project that will be defined as I go, I'm not going to be draconian as some of the others who have done this, I'm just blogging my experience.

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