Friday, August 1, 2008

Pierre Sparr Riesling 2006 $9.99 ***

Whoops, this will be my second review of the Pierre Sparr. I was shopping and the bottle just called out to me, really, I swear!

It is Friday night, and I want a glass of wine with dinner, and all I have in the fridge is a bottle of the Pierre Sparr, some cheese and celery and onions. So, I'll grab a whole grain english muffin out of the freezer, grab a can of tuna fish, add some onion, cornichons, tarragon, celery and mayo and presto, "Tuna Melt". (after some shavings of Havarti and some time in the toaster oven.)

So, that is my Friday night, Tuna Melt, a glass of wine and the Season Finale of Dr. Who.

Yummy all around. This screw top keeps it's three stars. Dr. Who FANTASTIC. And the Havarti tuna melt, just what the Doctor ordered!

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