Saturday, July 19, 2008

Robert Mondavi Napa Fume Blanc, `06 $10.99

Summer Union Square Farmer's Market and Trader Joe's.

I come from Maine, the land of white. White snow from November until April, and white caps on our ocean waves, even our predominant indigenous foods are white (on the inside), Lobster and potato.

So, today I am cooking outside of my roots. While at the market last week, I picked up the parsley, mint, Hallumi and lamb sausage from local vendors. And while I was at Trader Joe's, I grabbed a bottle of Robert Mondavi. I spent more than I usually do, just because I wanted to make note of his passing earlier this spring. And what better way that enjoying a glass of his fume blanc. Mondavi truly changed the landscape of modern wine.

Mixed Green Salad with pear & gorgonzola
Pasta tossed with Parsley & Mint Pesto,grilled Hallumi and Lamb Sausage

Pear Sorbet

My first impressions, this is a clean, crisp wine. $10.99 is a bit much, it doesn't stand out, but it really cleans the pallet.

The acid of the wine cleanses with each sip, giving the next bite a chance to burst with flavor. Garlic, mint and lemon in the pesto are a great combination, the subtleness of the lamb and the saltiness of the Hallumi make this a very flavorful pasta dish, and rather than having each bite be overpowering, the wine allows you to alternate the flavors with each forkful. This really was a case of the wine enhancing the food.

Robert Mondavi made his name in creating fume blanc - his marketing of a Napa Valley sauvignon blanc. So, this is my Greek inspired lunch, made with homegrown NY produce and California wine. Ethnic flavors using American ingredients (even my Parmesan for the pesto was made in Wisconsin). Which just goes to show what a melting pot we have here in the USA, all these cultural influences making a refreshing Summer lunch.

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