Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hess Berg Riesling Kabinett $ 6.99 ****

So in the spirit of "I haven't done any grocery shopping in a very long time", Saturday is declared creative clean out the freezer day. This catch all meal will be paired with the Riesling Kabinette.

Beet salad with a French tarragon vinaigrette (the final resting place for my French tarragon plant)

Panko breaded chicken thighs (roasted. I want to fry them, but my cholesterol has been high)
Frenched green beans in a bacon,mustard,parsley,onion dressing
Jasmine Rice with caramelized red onion and chicken stock.

Nice, semi sweet. After I took my first sip while cooking, I decided to use it in the green beans. The wine isn't crisp and it isn't cloying. It adds just the right yeastiness to add some complexity. It's not sparkling, but it is light on the tongue.

I'd buy more, and now I am kicking myself for not making the Pear Cardamom Sorbet that I had originally planned for dessert.

Oh well, I have to say that this was a four star wine with a four star "clean out the freezer" lunch.

Have you ever seen the Family Guy, when Peter Griffin falls flat on his face? Well, that was my Monday morning. I actually like to say that I attempted to do a power push-up on 13th street, but the truth is, I am only just learning to walk (that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it) and I tripped on some uneven sidewalk pavement. The upshot is, my hands and knees are cut and bruised, and my shoulders and neck are killing me, so Monday night's Menu was this:

Two glasses of the Riesling, a skinny cow ice cream sandwich and two extra strength Tylenol.

Verdict: The wine keeps it's four stars and goes very well with the Tylenol. The ice cream sandwich soothed my bruised ego and body, and I curled up and went to bed.

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