Saturday, May 17, 2008

Black Mountain Malbec $5.99 ***

Scene: Cozy apartment on a rainy Friday evening in NYC, me snuggled up in recliner, Dr.Who on telly..

C & I went to a late afternoon showing of Iron Man - this is why I love movies, it was smart, fun and wholly enjoyable. There was a terrible accident in Harlem, so my trip home was a couple of hours. Sigh. The curse strikes again.

So, here it is, I am settled in at home, and I am cracking open the Malbec, pouring myself a glass and settling in to a new episode of Dr. Who.

First pour. Hmmm not a sipping wine. Good smell, makes me think of Thanksgiving. So, some spice and dried fruit I guess, if I were going to go for flavor profiles. I'll enjoy this glass, and have decided that tomorrow will be a classic spaghetti & meatball day, so I'll serve the balance of the bottle then. I'll write how this pairs with the spaghetti tomorrow.

Saturday Menu
Caesar Salad (I've discovered fresh anchovies in oil...WOW)
Pasta Puttanesca
Black Mountain Malbec

Verdict: good. The wine held it's own against the robust sauce. (I also used the wine in the sauce) Nice smooth wine.

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  1. Try the Black Mountain Fat Cat Cabernet -- amazing for the price.