Saturday, May 10, 2008

Abrazo Del Toro Tinto $4.99 ***

I'm amazed, people actually read my posts! People other than Bill (who reads blogs professionally) and Kerry (who just wants to know what I am up to). So, thanks to my two commenters, I decided to take their recommendations and cook!

Tonight's menu:
Toast Points with deviled spinach (spinach, eggs, bacon, onion and celery with home made mayo (can you tell I've been watching Top Chef?))
TJ's Fillet Mignon with mushroom/wine reduction. Thanks for the tip Todd!
Steamed Asparagus with lemon butter
No dessert (it has been on overindulgent week.)

And the wine - thanks to Jason who has an amazing wine blog
Abrazo Del Toro Tinto tonight we are "embracing the red bull" - I'll let you know what I think.

Nice. First pour while I was cooking, very smooth. I took a few sips and then used the balance of the glass in the mushroom reduction. By the time, I had a chance to pour another glass, the bottle had opened up and developed a deeper taste. Some tannin, kind of a deep cherry aftertaste. It really has held up to the steak and asparagus. Nice wine, good price. Thanks Jason, good recommendation!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. Drinking a bubbly right now, a German Sekt. Rather nice...I'll let you know when I post the review!