Monday, April 28, 2008

Martellozzo Prosecco $6.99 ***

It is a miserable rainy day in NYC. So, what to do? Dinner is an indoor picnic. Chicken Empenada, a sliced Fiji Apple, some French bread with Croatian fig spread and some shavings of Parmesan. All washed down with Martellozzo Prosecco.

It is a nice dry, sparkling wine. It adds a nice finish to the meal. I can sit and relax and pretend that I am outside in a sunny park. The wine is very light. I could easily use it in brunch mimosas. Good value for money.


  1. I love Trader Joe's wine and it is obvious that you do as well. I'll try your recos out. Right now, I like the Black Mountain Malbec, the Zafara pinotage (South Africa) for the price is amazing, and if they have it get the French Valreas. Valreas lacks consistency but when you know you are drinking a $50 bottle of wine that cost $6 then its completely satisfying.

    Trader Joes also has excellent filet mignons for the price. Do not hesitate to pick one up. At these prices get two.

  2. I quoted you over on my review blog today about this wine. Agree that it's very light and also very refreshing.

  3. good wine for the money a must try...

  4. Well I liked it so much I had to look it up to see where it came from, so that should tell you how much I liked it. A guest brought it as a party gesture and now that I also see what the price is I'm happy to know I can enjoy it often without feeling like I'm splurging. My new first choice for inexpensive mimosas. If you don't like a wine that's too dry or one that's too sweet this is an excellent choice.