Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lindemans Bin 40 Merlot $4.49 ****

I am always inspired when I spend the night in the LES. On my way to Nancy & Yori's, I stopped at the Pickle Guy's and bought some not so fresh for passover horseradish (I was too late to get the really good stuff).

On my way back home on Saturday am, I stopped at Jeffrey's in the Essex Street Market for some meat. (Jeffrey is a cook's butcher, great service, good selection, quality meat and fair prices)

He was out of hangar steak, so I bought some skirt steak. Next door at the fruit & veg stand, I bought some mushrooms, leeks and young zucchini - it is gearing up to be a nice afternoon.

It is so beautiful out, when I got home, I opened up all of the windows and hauled out the ice cream maker.

Wine: Lindemans Bin 40 Merlot

Main: Grilled Skirt Steak with mushroom/cream/horseradish sauce
Zucchini sauteed with oregano and lemon
Potato and leek mash

Dessert: limoncello sorbet & ladyfingers

I did my usual, as I was cooking, I poured a glass of the merlot to try. First sip - WOW. I like it. Great fruity taste, soft aftertaste, almost a little sweet.

We really, really liked this wine. It is a gorgeous spring day, so we ate outside in the tiny strip of green that I call my garden. As a matter of fact, as I type this, we are sitting in the yard, just finished our meal - gotta love wireless...(we haven't even had dessert yet) and I'm blogging this. Lindeman's Merlot is a 15 - 20 dollar wine for $4.49 - we, the slightly tipsy jury declare it 4 star.


  1. Definitely going to give this one a try now!

  2. Thank You,

    Lindemans' Merlot makes the world a better place. So do you.

  3. I like what you are doing but you might consider being a bit more selective. Giving 4 stars ( your max) to that many wines decreases the value of your review. While I agree that cost and quality do not always go hand in hand, it seems a bit weird that you would have that many 4 star wines at these prices. What will you do when you taste a really fabulous wine?
    Just my opinion...

  4. Great point. I actually removed all the non TJ's wine from the stars search list and created a non TJ's tag. They skewed the results, because most of the non TJ's wines are either really expensive nice wines or a wine selected/purchased from a tasting or a class.